The Rules

No disrespecting anyone. Be courteous. Strong language is discouraged, though may be allowed if felt it's not a huge problem.

No judging anyone on the basis of their religion, race, age, traditions, budget, taste, etc. In fact, no judging anyone.

This will not be a platform for anyone's pet causes. While no one will belittle anyone for their sexual preference, eco-friendly/non eco-friendly, vegetarian/vegan, etc views, neither is this a platform for supporting them. Not out of judgment, but because I feel too many sites are like 'we're an excellent resource, but if you're going to hang out here your views have to be our views'. You don't have to agree with any of those things, or you can agree with them all. But all of us will just get along and NOT discuss it. Period.

Don't use the word 'tacky' or similiar words, unless perhaps in the context of 'I told someone else about this and they called it tacky, isn't that an awful response'. We will build each other up, not tear each other down. There are plenty of other places for tearing people down.

No one may advertise here at this point. If you'd like to discuss that, you may email me, but not post here. Thank you.

That's all the rules right now. BE KIND.